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Missouri Lifeline
November 22, 2013  

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Dear Friend of Life,

Welcome to this week's edition of the Missouri Lifeline. 

I hope you'll find this update useful and informative. Please use the convenient forward option below or the social media buttons above to pass this information along to family and friends. For even more information on news and events, follow us on Twitter and Facebook using the links in the side-bar.

Pam Fichter
President, MRL


We Give Thanks to Almighty God for This Great Nation and Our Rights and Privileges

During this great American holiday, let us remember to whom we owe thanks!  Similar to their efforts to take Christ out of Christmas, many in society and the media want to take God out of Thanksgiving. When we gather around our tables and talk to our neighbors and fellow church members let us remind everyone to whom we give thanks, our good and loving God.  In many homes, good and well-meaning people will look at each other and give thanks to their family, they may even give thanks to the founding fathers and to our past and present military for all the blessings they have fought and died to preserve.  There is nothing wrong with that but we must never forget the Great Provider of all these things - Almighty God.  Make sure your family knows, from whom all blessings flow! 

Happy Thanksgiving!


McCaskill and Other Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Strike Down State Abortion Laws
Is performing an abortion no different than pulling a tooth? The idea that there isn't a difference is the basis of a new federal bill that would wipe hundreds of state abortion laws off the books--striking down everything from late-term abortion limits to health and safety regulations in many states...read more


Deal would send cord blood to Missouri for stem cell research
The University of Minnesota is finalizing an agreement with a blood bank in Missouri that would give parents the option of donating their baby's umbilical cord blood, a source of lifesaving stem cells...read more.


St. Louis Archdiocese Refiles Lawsuit on Health Care Mandate
The Archdiocese of St. Louis and Catholic Charities of St. Louis have refiled a lawsuit against the federal government challenging the legality of the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate on health care insurance coverage the Church finds morally objectionable...read more.


Save the Date! 2014 Show Me Life Legislative Action Day
MRL will once again sponsor the Show Me Life Legislative Action Day on Tuesday March 11, 2014.  Join hundreds of pro-lifers from around the state to lobby for important pro-life legislation.  Come meet and dialog with your state representative and state senator.  They want to hear from you!


The Real Cost of ObamaCare -- The Loss of Good Doctors
Soon I fear that unbeknownst to most Americans, the good, smart, well-rested physicians won't be there to take care of us. I decided recently to download a slightly abridged version of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to find out how this new legislation might affect caregivers...read more.


RU-486 Now Safe?
It caused a bit of a stir in 1991 when three "pro-choice" feminists came out with a book warning of the dangers of the chemical abortifacient RU-486. "RU486: Misconception, Myths and Morals," written by Renate Klein, a biologist and social scientist from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, Janice Raymond, a professor of women's studies from the University of Amherst (Massachusetts), and Lynette Dumble, a member of the University of Melbourne's Department of Surgery, won awards and received some momentary coverage in the press. But ultimately, the pro-abortion establishment pushed back and plowed ahead, ignoring the warnings...read more.


Baby Born at 25 Weeks, Doing Fine
The amazing story of how little Ward Miles, born at 25 weeks, survived incredible odds and is now a thriving 16-month-old toddler...read more


Australian Euthanasia Advocate Starts Internet Suicide Clinic
Australia's Philip Nitschke is Jack Kevorkian, squared, but without our late ghoul's willingness to put his own freedom on the line for his beliefs...read more 


Pro-Life Around the State

Jan. 21-23 - Statewide, Bus Trip to the March for Life in Washington. See details on our website: www.MissouriLife.org.





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