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Missouri Lifeline
December 13, 2013  

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Dear Friend of Life,

Welcome to this week's edition of the Missouri Lifeline. 

I hope you'll find this update useful and informative. Please use the convenient forward option below or the social media buttons above to pass this information along to family and friends. For even more information on news and events, follow us on Twitter and Facebook using the links in the side-bar.

Pam Fichter
President, MRL


Missouri Right to Life Reminds Pro-lifers of Concerns With GSUSA
Almost one year has passed since MRL first issued our statement concerning the policies and affiliations of the Girl Scouts of America. In that time, no one has brought evidence to clarify the GSGSA positions or successfully challenged our information. In fact the evidence has only increased.

Click here to see the MRL statement and citations.


Cases Dismissed -- First Amendment Rights Protected 
In 2012, cases were brought against two stalwart pro-life champions by the City of St Louis trying to prohibit their pro-life witness before the St. Louis Planned Parenthood. MRL legislative director and member of the Thomas More Society, Jerry Nieters, defended the pro-lifers in the case. Thank you to Jerry and the Thomas More Society for this pro-life victory! See the Thomas More Society statement here...read more.


Planned Parenthood:  $540.6 million in tax dollars, 327,166 abortions
Planned Parenthood performed 327,166 abortions last year while collecting more than half-a-billion dollars from U.S. taxpayers, according to its most recent annual report...read more


Obama Breaks Promise on Abortion Coverage
On Christmas Eve 2009, ObamaCare passed the Senate after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid secured the last needed vote from Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Part of the "deal" that Senator Nelson negotiated included a requirement that Exchange plans that cover elective abortion must collect a separate payment from enrollees for the abortion coverage, and deposit it into a separate account to be used to pay for elective abortions...read more


Doctors walking away from Obamacare   
The weather may be chilly, but it's nothing compared to people's reactions to ObamaCare. This month, the only thing falling faster than the temperature is the number of the new law's supporters. Making matters worse, the policy's biggest defectors seem to be the ones most crucial to it: the medical community...read more


Sebelius unable to list Obamacare plans that don't cover abortion
Sparks flew on Capitol Hill today as a Republican congressman demanded that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius produce a list of ObamaCare health insurance plans that do not cover abortion...read more


Can the ACLU Make Catholic Hospitals Perform Abortions?
The ACLU wants Catholic hospitals to practice medicine without morals. The American Civil Liberties Union is so upset that a Michigan baby died just after being born that the group is suing the Catholic Church for not deliberately killing the child earlier...read more.


Pro-Life Around the State

December 21, 2013, Saturday- Empty Manger Christmas Caroling Day Defenders of the Unborn invites you to join them at 11:00 a.m outside Planned Parenthood, 4251 Forest Park Ave, St Louis, to sing Christmas carols.

December 28, 2013, Defenders of the Unborn will have a prayer service to remember the Holy Innocent that Herod had destroyed in order to kill the King of the World, Jesus. Planned Parenthood, 4231 Forest Park Ave, St Louis

Jan. 21-23 - Statewide, Bus Trip to the March for Life in Washington. See details on our website: www.MissouriLife.org.




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