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Missouri Lifeline
April 19, 2014

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Dear Friend of Life,

Welcome to this week's edition of the Missouri Lifeline. 

I hope you'll find this update useful and informative. Please use the convenient forward option below or the social media buttons above to pass this information along to family and friends. For even more information on news and events, follow us on Twitter and Facebook using the links in the side-bar.

Pam Fichter
President, MRL


Give Thanks to the Lamb of God

Remember the Passover. God told the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb, to eat the lamb and mark their doors with its blood.   easter lily

That night, while death was all around them, the angel of death passed over every house marked by the blood of the lamb. The Passover lamb gave its life so God's people could live.

Jesus was born into the world to give his life for us, so that everyone who believes in Him can live with Him in heaven forever. Jesus is our Passover lamb.

Jesus is risen. He has conquered sin and death. Rejoice and be glad. God has given us life. Never forget the sanctity of Life. Work to protect it.

Have a blessed, grateful and peace-filled Easter!



Legislative Report
The Missouri House and Senate left for a 4 day Easter Break on Thursday, April 17 and will return on Tuesday, April 22.  We wish them and their families a Blessed Easter!

Upon their return, there will be 4 weeks of the 2014 legislative session left before the session ends on May 16.  Please pray for passage of multiple pro-life bills listed in this report, including the very important abortion clinic inspection bill, SB 770 or HB 1478!

Before leaving for Easter Break, the House and Senate advanced important legislation to increase abortion clinic inspections as follows:

HCS HB 1478 voted do pass out of Rules Committee, April 17.  Will move to the House Calendar after Easter.
And, SCS SB 770 now first on the Senate Perfection Calendar, April 22.

Click here for the full report.


HHS secretary nominee oversaw Gates Foundation's population control efforts
The woman who will oversee the Obama administration's implementation of the HHS mandate, requiring employers to give "free" contraception to all American women, spent a decade leading the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's population control efforts in the Third World....read more.


Report Confirms Obamacare Restricts Access to Life-Saving Medical Care
A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report now documents that Obamacare exchange plans, while often cheaper, are restricting access to life-saving medical care...read more.


IRS Confirms Abortions are Eligible for a Tax Deduction
Here's something from the "Did you know that?" category. Did you know that abortions are apparently eligible for a tax deduction? That appears to be true, so says the IRS...read more.


We are winning the war against abortion in America on all measurable fronts
Jill Stanek addressed the National Pro-life Convention in Ireland earlier this week. Here is an article with highlights of her speech (and a link to her speech itself) concerning the 7 signs of pro-life victory...read more.


$5 Billion in Premium Subsidies to ObamaCare Exchanges Permit Elective Abortion Coverage
Based on the number of persons who had enrolled in ObamaCare as of March 1, at least $5 billion in federal tax subsidies will be available to help purchase health plans that cover elective abortion, with the figure sure to increase as additional millions of Americans enroll...read more.


National Right to Life News Educates and Motivates - Get Connected
The latest issue of National Right to Life News offers great education, information and opportunities to get more involved in the pro-life cause. Check it out!



Victory for Life in Colorado 
John Paul's statement was borne out in a poignant way this week, as men and women across my state, Colorado, spent Holy Week praying and fasting in response to a legislative bill aimed at sustained and unfettered legal protection for abortion...read more


New Lancet study shows patients incorrectly diagnosed as in a PVS 
A study published Tuesday in the medical journal "The Lancet" finds that "significant number of people labeled vegetative had received an incorrect diagnosis and actually had some degree of consciousness and the potential to improve," according to Denise Grady of the New York Times...read more.


Adults Cloned! Outlaw Before It's Too Late 
Once Dolly the sheep was manufactured, human cloning was always mostly a matter of developing the right technique...Now it has apparently been done with adult cells by Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology...read more.


Pro-Life Around the State

April 28, Columbia - Mizzou Students for Life will host a talk by Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King. 7:00 pm, Jesse Hall, University of Missouri. Free and open to the public!

May 7, Florissant - MRL St. Louis chapter meeting with guest speaker Mason Weaver. 7:00 pm Florissant Valley Branch at 195 New Florissant Rd. Florissant MO 63031 and 314-994-3300. (not to be confused with West Florissant Ave. further east on 270) See article above.

May 10, Holts Summit - 40 Days for Life Closing Rally. Doors open 6pm St. Andrew Church 400 St. Andrew Dr. Holts Summit.

June 14, Jefferson City - Missouri Right to Life Statewide Leadership and Informational Meeting. 10:00 am. All are welcome.  Mark your calendars now to attend.  Immaculate Conception Parish, Pleus Hall, 1207 McCarty St.




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