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Missouri Lifeline 3/27/15
Legislative Update
Legislators are currently on their annual Spring Break. When they return on Monday, March 30th there will be 7 weeks of session left. During those 7 weeks there is an Easter Break and the budget must be truly agreed and passed by May 8th.

Please pray for your legislators and Missouri Right to Life in these last weeks. After Spring Break, we will put out a request for phone calls at strategic times. 


Click here for last week's update and information on all the bills we are keeping an eye on. A new update will be available in next week's Lifeline. 


Sexual abuse victim taken for abortions at Planned Parenthood 
Planned Parenthood performed two abortions on an underage victim of sexual abuse but failed to report the rape to authorities...read more.
Family-Supported Suicide and the Duty to Die
In 1991, my friend Frances invited me to a "going away party." She wasn't moving or going on vacation. Frances wanted her closest friends to come to her home, to tell her how much she meant to us, and to hold her hand as she committed suicide...read more .
Hospital Gives Family of Mother of Seven Four Days Before it Will Yank Her Life Support   
Ironically, the "right to die" was invented by the Euthanasia Society of America (which changed its name to the Society for the Right to Die in 1974) and originally sold as a just a way to allow people to sign a "living will" to refuse over-treatment by overzealous doctors when death was inevitable. Now this "right to die" has evolved into forcing or intimidating people or their families to make what some hospitals, doctors and ethicists consider the "right" decision to die.

Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone of any age considered "hopeless", not just people deemed "brain dead". And, of course, it is this pro-death mentality that is so dangerous when today's legalized physician assisted suicide is sold as just a personal "choice" for the terminally ill.
..read more.
The Lethal Logic of Assisted Suicide    
Do no harm. It used to be at the heart of medicine. Now our public policy is increasingly making just the opposite the protocol...read more.
Killing for Organs Push in The Atlantic     
The Atlantic has an article advocating that dying patients be killed for their organs rather than having to actually, you know, die first...read more.
Make Your Voice Heard on Three-Parent Embryos     
The FDA is once again revisiting their policy on three-parent embryos here in the States, and they want to hear from you!...read more.
No murder charge in death of baby cut from womb  
A Colorado woman accused of cutting the unborn baby from an expectant mother's belly will not face murder charges in the gruesome attack that revived the highly charged debate over when a fetus can legally be considered a human being...read more.
Pro-Life Around the State
March 2015 -- Statewide -- The Spring 40 Days for Life is currently underway until March 29th. Click here for locations for 40 Days for Life campaigns in or near Missouri

March 2015 -- Statewide -- LIFE Runners will run/walk 1,568 legs (~5K each) for 5,564 miles over 40 days. To register for part of the Missouri leg of the run, visit: http://www.liferunners.org/across/  

March 28 -- St. Louis --
NEXUS Regional Pro-Life Student Conference will be held at Chaminade College Preparatory School. Dynamic pro-life speakers include former MRL President, Pam Fichter. Visit www.ProLifeConference.com for more information. 

Unborn children need your help. Help us save babies and end abortion with a generous donation to Missouri Right to Life today.





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