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Missouri Lifeline 4/2/15

Happy Easter from Missouri Right to Life
Let us hold in our hearts the scarred body of Jesus. He gave himself up to a horrendous death so that we might have eternal life. Jesus took on our sins, suffered the penance and obtained forgiveness for us all. Never forget.

In these Good Friday days, when Christianity is under attack from many sides, be resurrected, Lord, in the hearts and minds of all people. May the darkness of Good Friday give way to the Glory of Jesus Christ resurrected on Easter Morning! Alleluia!

Legislative Update

Highlights of the Week:


MRL Supported SB 302 (Sen. Jeanie Riddle) - Requires referrals for out of state abortions to be accompanied by specified printed materials - April 2, 2015 - Senate Informal Calendar Senate Bills for Perfection - March 31, 2015 Senate Debated SB 302 for about 35 minutes before laying the bill on the informal calendar. Discussions are ongoing.


MRL Supported SB 466 (Sen. Eric Schmitt) and SB 422 (Sen. Rob Schaaf) - Establishes "Simon's Law", which changes the laws regarding life-sustaining or non-beneficial treatment policies of health care facilities - April 2, 2015 - Executive Session Held in Senate Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee - SB 466 and SB 422 were combined into one bill and Voted Do Pass. SB 466 & 422 will now move to the Senate calendar for floor debate.


Click here for the full update and information on all the bills we are keeping an eye on.

Baby appears to clap during ultrasound

Parents-to-be get surprise at 14 week ultrasound...read more.

"I Will Never Forget the Look of Horror on My Sister Terri Schiavo's Face the Day She Died" 
10 years later: Terri Schiavo's brother frankly discusses the terrible circumstances of his sister's slow death by dehydration. *viewer discretion advised*...read more.

Report Shows Hundreds of Millions in Tax Dollars Going to Planned Parenthood, Other Abortion Advocates 
Groups such as abortion giant Planned Parenthood and the chemical abortion promoter Population Council continue to find ways to tap into government programs to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a year...read more .

Rejecting the Culture of Suicide
It's not just those of deep religious faith who are sounding alarms and working to keep us from going further down the deathward spiral of assisted suicide. There are also disability-rights activists, who know too well who gets cast aside in a culture of "choice" that judges the value of a human life on standards of convenience and utility rather than its existence...read more.

There's always hope: 60 Minutes spotlights brain tumor treatment breakthrough
Last Saturday, CBS 60 Minutes explored the 'near miraculous' treatment regime that has actually brought remissions for Gliobalstoma cancer. This is the same cancer that 29 year-old Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with before she took her life with assisted suicide last November...read more.

Pro-Life Around the State

June 20th -- Statewide -- MRL Leadership Meeting in Jefferson city at Pleus Hall, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. More details to follow.
Unborn children need your help. Help us save babies and end abortion with a generous donation to Missouri Right to Life today.





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