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Missouri Lifeline 7/24/15
MRL Welcomes State Investigations of Planned Parenthood
As we reported in our last edition of the Missouri Lifeline, video evidence has been released proving that Planned Parenthood not only kills thousands of unborn babies each year in abortion, they also sell the organs and other tissue of these tiny victims.
This week, a second video recorded and released by the Center for Medical Progress, shows further evidence that Planned Parenthood methodically preserves through their abortion procedures the organs and tissue of unborn babies and offers those organs and tissue to medical research companies.
With the mention in the first video of the abortion facility in St. Louis, a number of state and federal Missouri lawmakers are calling for a full investigation of the Planned Parenthood abortion business here in our state.
"Missouri Right to Life welcomes the investigations that have been proposed by our elected officials.  Planned Parenthood in other parts of the country has been investigated over the years for other illegal practices including the failure to report statutory rape and misuse of government funds," said Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life. 

"We have proposed an abortion facility inspection bill in the Missouri legislature for the past two legislative sessions.  It is time to provide investigation and oversight of this huge corporation that enjoys the benefit of our tax dollars to carry out some of their reprehensible activities.  In addition to these much needed investigations, we call upon the Missouri legislature and statewide officials to support and pass the abortion facility inspection bill,"  Rupp concluded.

Click here for information on the pending investigations by the MO House, Senate and Attorney General, as well as statements from several Missouri lawmakers.  
National Right to Life also responded to the videos here and here
Vicky Hartzler Responds to PP Videos
Congresswoman Hartzler (R-MO) speaks on the House floor in response to the recently-released Planned Parenthood undercover video atrocities.
Planned Parenthood videos a 'wake-up call for the community'
Mary Maschmeier, founder of local pro-life organization Defenders of the Unborn, has prayed outside abortion clinics in the St. Louis area for more than 30 years. The latest news about Planned Parenthood, including the callousness of the doctors featured in the videos, doesn't shock her...read more.
Planned Parenthood and the Antithesis of Love
The "antithesis of love," masked in rhetoric of faux sanctification, can be heard in much of our oftentimes-bipartisan political and cultural adulation of Planned Parenthood...read more.
It's time to defund Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood is in full damage control mode. It is working on impugning the credibility of pro-life undercover investigators from the Center for Medical Progress who just released another video on the abortion provider's barbaric practices...read more
Why selling baby parts should shock no one
What is most shocking about an undercover video of a conversation between Deborah Nucatola, a Planned Parenthood executive, and two anti-abortion activists from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) posing as employees from a biotech firm is why anyone is shocked...read more.
Man who exposed Planned Parenthood speaks out
David Daleiden Discusses Planned Parenthood's Sale of Baby Parts


"Women Betrayed" Rallies in St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City  

"Women Betrayed" rallies are taking place across the nation and in Columbia and St Louis here in Missouri. 

Sponsored by Students for Life and other organizations, rallies will take place July 28th at 12:00 noon on the public sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Columbia, St. Louis and Overland Park, KS.

MRL President, Steve Rupp, will be speaking at the rally in St. Louis and MRL Legislative Liaison, Susan Klein, is scheduled to speak in Columbia. 
Come stand with other pro-lifers and show that we are sick of being forced to donate to Planned Parenthood through our federal tax dollars.

For more information visit http://www.womenbetrayed.com/
Pro-Life Around the State
July 28 -- Statewide -- "Women Betrayed" Rallies at 12 noon in Columbia, St. Louis and Overland Park, KS. See the previous article for more information.

August 1-2 -- Washington --
Float decorating for Washington Fair Parade on Aug 1, 9:30 am, at the farm located at the corner of Hwy. 100 and High St. Then, gather for parade at 4 pm on Aug 2. Parade begins at 5.
August 8 -- Kansas City -- Sidewalk Counseling Classes, both beginner and intermediate, will be held on Saturday, August 8th from 9:00 am to noon and from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. Email 40daysforlifekc@gmail.com for more info. 
Unborn children need your help. Help us save babies and end abortion with a generous donation to Missouri Right to Life today.





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