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Missouri Lifeline 3/18/16
April 5 -- "Show Me Life" Pro-Life Action Day
We Need You in Jefferson City! Plan now to come to Jefferson City on Tuesday, April 5, for our second Pro-Life Action Day of 2016. 

This will be the day to emphasize "Defunding of Planned Parenthood".  

Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. Lobby your legislators, then join the Noon Rally with guest speaker Abby Johnson.

Transportation is available from many areas of the state. Contact the Missouri Right to Life State Office, 573.635.5110, or visit www.missourilife.org for transportation and additional information regarding Pro-Life Action Day.

Please download and distribute this flyer in your local communities and encourage your families, friends and neighbors to join us at the Capitol next month! 
Legislative Update

March 18, 2016 -
At the Capitol this week:

The House gave final approval yesterday, with bi-partisan support, to send HB 1370 to the Senate. HB 1370 would require both custodial parents of a minor to be informed prior to a minor getting an abortion. Current law requires the consent of one parent prior to an abortion on a minor.  HB 1370 would expand on this law.

HB 1370 is sponsored by Rep. Rocky Miller, R-Lake Ozark. Miller said the real reason he sponsored this bill is because of the situation he found himself in with his daughter. He told the House that his ex-wife had informed him when his teenage daughter was considering getting an abortion, and this gave him a chance to be a part of this decision. In the end, Miller said his daughter did not get the abortion, and he and his wife raised the child as their own.

"I don't want to stop anything, I want to start something," Miller said. "I want to start a conversation among caring parents, and that's what this bill will do."

Susan Klein, Legislative Liaison for Missouri Right to Life stated, "Parents have a protectable interest in the life, health and well-being of their child. Abortion has multiple risks and all parents should be informed of an impending abortion on their child. In today's times when young people, still under age and on their parents' insurance, are pulled many different directions by family issues, parental notification is essential to all parents in the protection of their child's health."

Missouri Right to Life supports HB 1370 and encourages the Senate to take up and pass this common sense legislation.

Click here for the full legislative update and information on all the bills we are keeping an eye on.
HB 1370 in the News
This week the Missouri House sent to the Senate a bill that would require both custodial parents of a minor to be informed prior to a minor getting an abortion.


Next President will pick Justice Scalia's successor
Missouri Right to Life and National Right to Life strongly support Republican senators' decision to preserve the current U.S. Supreme Court vacancy for the next president to fill. Pro-life laws, as well as other important issues, depend on it.

Obama, who filibustered Samuel Alito's nomination, repeatedly urged the Supreme Court to strike down state laws that violate no constitutional text. Senate Democrats killed many of President George W. Bush's nominations to courts of appeals by denying them up or down votes. Even earlier, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Joe Biden killed President George H.W. Bush's January, 1992 nomination of John Roberts to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, simply by refusing to schedule a hearing on the nomination through the entire year. Indeed, during 1992 alone, Roberts was one of over 50 Bush judicial nominees who never received a hearing from Biden.
Read more from NRLC.
CBS's 60 Minutes and the Selling of Physician-assisted Suicide
The public deserves a better and more comprehensive discussion about physician-assisted suicide...read more
Researchers regenerate functional heart muscle with human cells
Researchers have taken another step toward creating a bioengineered human heart by using donor hearts stripped of components that would generate an immune response, and cardiac muscle cells generated from induced pluripotent stem cells...read more.  
March Issue of NRL News
The March issue of National Right to Life News is now available online...read more.
Pro-Life Around the State
February 10-March 20 - Statewide - 40 Days for Life spring campaign. Click for details on the following MO locations: Columbia, St. Louis, Kansas City

March 25-26 - St. Louis - 24 hr. Good Friday/Holy Saturday Vigil. For more information contact Mary at 314-346-9052 or email defenseless68@gmail.com

March 30 - Jefferson City - Bott Radio National Day of Prayer: Show Me Your Glory Lord Event at the Missouri State Capitol, First Floor Rotunda.

April 5 - Statewide - Pro-Life Action Day at Missouri State Capitol. We Need You in Jefferson City Again! This will be the day to emphasize "Defunding of Planned Parenthood" 

April 16 - Jefferson City - 2-4 pm Open house at new Pregnancy Help Center facility, 1760 A Southridge Dr.

April 23 - St. Louis - Third National Day of Protest Against Planned Parenthood, 4251 Forest Park Blvd.  9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Hosted by Defenders of the Unborn. 
May 5 - Jefferson City - National Day of Prayer at the Missouri State Capitol, South Lawn. The theme for National Day of Prayer this year is Wake Up America!

May 17 - Jefferson City - Franklin Graham will be coming to Missouri for the America Decision Tour to lead prayer at the Capitol Steps for our state and nation. 
Unborn children need your help. Help us save babies and end abortion with a generous donation to Missouri Right to Life today.





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