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Missouri Lifeline 7/22/16
2016 MO Governor Race -- Critical Information  

MRL PAC Presidential Endorsement   
Missouri Right to Life Federal PAC Endorses the Donald Trump/Mike Pence Ticket...read more.

The number one concern for pro-life voters this election is what will happen to the Supreme Court and its control over the fate of abortion. In accepting his party's nomination yesterday, Donald Trump promised to appoint justices similar to pro-life Justice Antonin Scalia, who will uphold the Constitution. 
Pro-Life Indiana Governor Mike Pence is "excellent choice" for Vice President    
"With a solid pro-life voting record on abortion during his time in Congress, and through his pro-life actions as Indiana governor, Mike Pence has proven himself to be a strong leader for the right to life"...read more.
Missouri lawmaker wins court challenge of contraception mandate  
Congratulations to Missouri State Senator and Mrs. Paul Weiland on their win in the Federal court yesterday to be able to purchase an insurance plan that does not include abortifacient/contraceptives! This is a huge win for individuals to have the right to choose their health coverage based on their religious beliefs.

This decision will set precedence for other decisions. God bless you both for taking on this fight and standing for your faith in the public arena!

Judge sides with Missouri lawmaker challenging ACA's contraception mandate
Wieland wins victory against the Affordable Care Act 
Missouri Senate Panel issues disturbing report on Planned Parenthood St. Louis
"Today we have some answers, but it's still unclear what their policy is for disposal of body parts, and we still don't have confirmation on where those body parts go after leaving the pathologist's office." -President Pro-Tem Ron Richards...read more
Research With Aborted Baby Parts Has Not Produced One Single Cure
Congressional Republicans are pushing back against claims that aborted babies' body parts are essential to scientific and medical advancements and presenting evidence to the contrary...read more
The Wisdom of NRLC's Legislative Strategy    
The battle between the forces of life and the forces of death is always a contest whether the appeal to the better angels of our nature or the appeal to panic, fear, and our darker side will prevail...read more . 
Terri Schiavo's brother: know your rights and know what you're up against   
The American healthcare system puts "so many medically vulnerable at risk" and it's imperative that people educate themselves so that they can protect their loved ones in a culture of death...read more
Euthanasia will not give dignity any more than abortion gave equality     
With euthanasia and assisted suicide now accepted in Canada as additional ways to eliminate inconvenience and suffering, it is worth considering how interconnected the issues of abortion and euthanasia are...read morea . 
MRL PACs' Candidate Endorsements for August 2, 2016 Primary 
The Missouri Right to Life State and Federal Political Action Committee (PAC's) endorsements for the August 2nd Primary Election are available to be viewed on the MRL PAC website.
MRL PAC Newsletter 
The Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee Newsletter, which includes information on all major party candidates -- pro-aborts and pro-life -- in addition to our endorsements, is now available online...read more.
Pro-Life Around the State
August 2 - Statewide - Primary election. Don't forget to vote pro-life and encourage your family and friends to do likewise!

August 13 - Kansas City - Sidewalk counselor training, 9 am - noon. For more information, contact Sally at fortydayskc@gmail.com

September 9 - O'Fallon - Save the Date!  Missouri Right to Life Ed Fund Golf Tournament at The Links at Dardenne. Sign in/lunch 11:30am with shotgun start at 1:00pm.  To register for golf and/or sponsor: Call 314-434-4900 or email mrl.eastern@yahoo.com

November 8 - Statewide - General election. Vote pro-life! 
Unborn children need your help. Help us save babies and end abortion with a generous donation to Missouri Right to Life PAC today.





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