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Missouri Lifeline 9/16/16
10 examples Illustrating How Extreme Hillary Clinton is on Abortion
Hillary Clinton has freely expressed her undying devotion to abortion on demand, at home and abroad, paid for by American taxpayers...read more.

Are you registered to vote? The last day to register to Vote in the November 8th General Election is Wednesday, October 12. Please register your family and friends! Click here for voter registration information.

Absentee Voting Information:

NRLC Candidate Comparison Sheets
MRL PAC General Election Endorsements
Priests for Life Comparison Sheet of Party Platforms
URGENT Emails and Phone Calls Needed To the American Medical Association        
There is an effort currently underway within the American Medical Association (AMA) to abandon its decades-long position opposing assisted suicide and take a neutral stance...read more.
New video demolishes Planned Parenthood's lie that abortions are only 3% of its work
Abortion makes up the vast majority of Planned Parenthood's non-governmental revenue...read more.
Government to States: No, You Can't Defund Planned Parenthood
A new rule would prohibit states from using their own criteria in deciding how to disburse Title X family-planning funds...read more.
Alzheimer's and Feeding Tubes  
Feeding is not extraordinary care...read more .
Two-thirds of premature births have no known cause, study suggests    
Researchers said the results suggest the need for new health care initiatives to help reduce preterm births, which are births that occur before 37 weeks of pregnancy...read more.

Many pre-term births are caused by a prior abortion experience for the mother. Of course those promoting abortion, like the March of Dimes through their promotion of second trimester amniocentesis, are never going to admit that abortion is the cause of these pre-term births.  After all, what is the best way to prevent birth defects?  Kill them before they are born. 
Pro-Life Around the State
September 16-24 - MRL Western Region will participate in the following events: Blue Springs (September 16,17,18) Eastern Jackson County Chapter
Waldo Festival (September 17).
Fiesta Hispana in Kansas City (September 16,17,18)
Oak Grove September Fest (September 24)
If you live nearby any of these events, please stop by and visit.  

September 16-October 1 - MRL Sedalia Chapter will be at the following events:
Laurie Hillbilly Fair (Sept. 16-17)
Versailles Apple Festival (Oct. 1)
If you live nearby either of these events, please stop by and visit.

September 16-18 - Kirkwood - MRL Eastern Region will have a booth at the annual Greentree Festival. If you live nearby this event, please stop by and visit.

September 22 - Fenton - free workshop from the Abortion Dialogue Academy 7-9 pm at St. Paul's Church. RSVP to Shari Laster at 314-680-7933 or chrisvid@sbcglobal.net

September 22 - Overland Park - Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic Banquet, reception starts at 5:30 pm at the Overland Park Convention Center 

September 30 - Hannibal - MRL Hannibal Chapter Respect Life Dinner. 6 pm at
Holy Family Parish Center, 218 S. Maple Ave.

October 2 - Statewide - Life Chain: On the first Sunday of October in 1,950 locations across the United States and Canada, tens of thousands of pro-life people will gather beside main streets. Photos, videos and partial listing of Life Chains event locations are on http://LifeChain.net.

October 2 - St. Joseph - Life Day Walk Rally:
Walk begins at 1:50 pm at Frederick Blvd. Baptist Church (3.7 miles)
Life Chain at 2-3 PM in front of Bishop Leblond H.S, Frederick Blvd.
Rally begins at Bishop LeBlond H.S. Stadium at 3:30-4:30

October 7 - Lee's Summit - Voiceless pro-life movie showing. 7pm at B&B Theater, 1451 NE Douglas St.  

October 12 - Statewide -
Last day to register to vote for the General Election!

November 8 - Statewide - General election. Vote pro-life! 
Unborn children need your help. Help us save babies and end abortion with a generous donation to Missouri Right to Life PAC today.





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