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Education, legislating, and activating citizens in the cause of life

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Beginning Monday, March 25, please call:

Ask them:

Please take up and pass HB 126 as amended and/or SCS SB 279. These bills are omnibus pro-life bills that include a new version of the heartbeat bill, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the trigger bill to ban abortion when Roe v. Wade is overturned, as well as other great pro-life legislation! Please pass these bills to save babies and protect women! The nation is watching Missouri! We support the pro-life bills supported by Missouri Right to Life! We are counting on you to pass these strong pro-life bills! Thank you!
Life Links
Packed Theater Gives Unplanned Movie Standing Ovation After Glitzy Hollywood Premier
Link - Hollywood got a deeper, first-person look inside the abortion industry Monday night during the premier of the film Unplanned .

Unplanned in theaters March 29.
Hold Democrats accountable for supporting abortion without limits until birth and beyond

Link - If they vote against protecting the babies, you need to vote against them in their next election. It’s as simple as that.
FDA Warns Abortion Advocates to Stop Pushing Illegal Abortion Drugs

Link - Pro-choice advocacy group Aid Access is distributing abortion-inducing drugs from overseas to women without mitigating the many risks of medical abortion.
Abortion would automatically be illegal in these states if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Link - States across the country are preparing for a possible day when Roe v. Wade is overturned.
Twin Babies Survive Planned Parenthood Chemical Abortion

Link - Physician Brent Boles is taking the internet by storm once again with a Facebook post about a pregnant patient whose chemical abortion failed to take the life of not one, but both of her unborn children.
Adult Stem Cells Now the ‘Gold Standard’

Link - Pro-Lifers were ridiculed for opposing embryonic stem cell research, now the superiority of adult stem cells in the clinic and the mounting evidence supporting their effectiveness in regeneration and repair make adult stem cells the gold standard of stem cells for patients.
‘Brain death’ is a medical fiction invented to harvest organs from living people: expert

Link - Is it morally permissible to harvest the organs of a person in a coma declared “brain dead” by doctors?
The Critical Role of Down Syndrome in opening the door to Legalized Abortion

Link - When abortion was unthinkable in the fifties, abortion activists had to find a chink in the armor of society’s love for the unborn child to justify abortion. They had to find the original hard case.
National Right to Life News

Link - The March issue of National Right to Life News is available online. Please share widely with pro-life friends and family!
Pro-Life Around the State
March 30 - St. Louis - 18th Annual Run for Life and Learning by St. Louis Friends of Birthright. Register online.

April 14 - Wardsville - Walk for Life following 10:30 am Mass at St. Stanislaus Church. Bus transportation available to and from event. For Information call 573-680-1370.

April 27 - Jefferson City - Pro-Life Walk/Run, Registration 8:30 am, Race 9:00 am. Call 573-644-6635; Online Registration opens soon at www.friendsofphc.org.

June 8 - Jefferson City - Statewide Leadership Meeting, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. at Pleus Hall, 1206 McCarty Street. More details to follow. 




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