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For a few minutes, close your eyes and think of your earliest memory of your mom. Maybe it was her carrying you and your siblings to the barn in the early hours of the morning so the milking could get done because she didn’t want to leave you alone in the house. Maybe it was the way she rocked you and sang to you and smoothed your hair around your ears when you were sick and needed care.
Remember other times as you grew, maybe you remember how busy she was, raising three (or more) little kids. How tired she was at the end of a long day maybe because she had to go to work to support the family in addition to caring for you and your siblings. Maybe you remember how she freaked out because you didn’t get home when she expected you to. And it wasn’t until years later that you finally understood that it was because she loved you so much. 
Maybe you remember what a great grandmother she was (and is) to your children. Always stepping in to help you with babysitting, advice, house cleaning, and many other things.
Remember all that your mother did and maybe is still doing for you. Maybe you are now doing it for your own children and grandchildren.  
Thank God for all the moms in our lives! Thank God for the mothers, grandmothers, wives, mothers-in-law, aunts, sisters, friends, and women who love with a mother’s heart.
I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me.
They have clung to me all my life. -Abraham Lincoln
The Missouri Senate began debate on life-saving, pro-life legislation this week. On Wednesday afternoon, May 8th, the Missouri Senate took up for debate SCS SB 279 (Senate Version of SCS HB 126), sponsored by Senators Bob Onder and Ed Emery. Senator Onder spoke on the floor of the Missouri Senate to all Senators sponsoring the various provisions of SS SCS SB 279 and SCS HB 126. 

Our pro-life majority lined up to speak publicly about the precious lives of unborn children. Those speaking with Senator Onder to save the unborn were: 

  • Senator David Sater spoke on banning abortion when the abortion decision is based solely on race, gender or Down Sydrome.
  • Senators Ed Emery and Wayne Wallingford spoke on banning abortion when the unborn child is capable of feeling pain and when the baby has a heartbeat.
  • Senator Luetkemeyer spoke about the ethics of a physician who performs abortions carrying the same liability insurance as other medical professionals.
  • Senator Denny Hoskins spoke about two custodial parents being notified before their minor daughter has an abortion.
  • Senator Jeanie Riddle spoke about how important it is for a woman to receive all informed consent information at the time she is referred to an out of state abortion facility. 
  • Senator Eric Burlison spoke about protecting babies born alive after an attempted abortion.
  • Senator Bill Eigel spoke about the importance of protecting the unborn. Senator Eigel carries a bill that would put into statute that our Missouri Department of Health mission statement should include working to protect Missourians both born and unborn.
  • Senator Andrew Koenig spoke about how important the life-saving provisions of SS SCS SB 279 and SCS HB 126 are for protecting the lives of the unborn.
  • Senators Burlison, Riddle, Hoskins and Wallingford also spoke about protecting women from the abortion industry’s ability to enable the human trafficking business and how killing innocent human babies is not the way to deal with this horrendous situation.

Missouri Right to Life is thankful that our pro-life majority of Senators stand to be a voice for both the voiceless little unborn baby and that they stand for the protection of the mother in whatever circumstance she finds herself! Thank you pro-life Senators! We look forward to your vote to pass all this life-saving legislation to save babies and protect moms.

Also during this debate on Wednesday, pro-abortion Senators stood up and said things like, “when life begins is subjective based on your own set of values and beliefs and that each person gets to choose for themselves when life begins and that the woman’s right to abortion trumps the right to life of the unborn child”.

Pro-life people know that we do not define when life begins, God does. 

Click here for the full update and information on all of the bills we are supporting or opposing.
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Pro-Life Around the State
May 11 - St. Louis - Project Rachel Retreat for women who have been wounded by abortion. 9 a.m.—5 p.m. If you are interested, call Project Rachel Coordinator Marisol at 314-792-7596 or email her by clicking here.

May 12 - MRL Western Region Mother's Day carnation sale. Present them to the ladies in your churches to honor mothers, daughters and mothers-to-be and those whose children are in heaven. Order online. Pickup locations in Clay/Platte County, Grandview, Odessa, Raytown, Blue Springs and Richmond.

May 17 - Belton - Life is Good Golf Tournament. Join us as a golfer or sponsor. Free lunch and dinner, lots of prizes and more! Register online.

May 21 - Hillsboro - All Jefferson County pro-lifers are invited to an informational meeting at 6:30 PM at Hillsboro Christian Church, 4865 Highway B Hillsboro, Mo. 63050. Eastern Region Chairman and former state president of Missouri Right to Life, Pam Fichter, will give a presentation on abortion laws, facts and consequences as well as an update on the recent Missouri legislative session. As the newest chapter of Missouri Right to Life, Jefferson County pro-lifers will discuss possible pro-life activities to raise awareness of life issues in the community. Please send an email to mrl.eastern@yahoo.com if you’re interested in attending. 

June 8 - Jefferson City - Missouri Right to Life Statewide Leadership Meeting, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. at Pleus Hall, 1206 McCarty Street. More details to follow. 




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