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Gov. Parson Signs "Simon's Law"
On Thursday, July 11, Governor Parson signed HB 138. This legislation, known as “Simon’s Law” has been a priority of Missouri Right to Life for many years. HB 138 builds on the rights of parents to make health care decisions for their minor child(ren). 

The Crozier Family’s story as well as other stories, gave rise to the need for Simon’s Law. Parents have the right to decide and at least know if a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order is being placed in their minor childs medical file.
We are a nation and a state that prides itself on compassion and caring for others and yet some in health care are discriminating against those with a disability. This is a devaluation of life. We see this mindset in Obamacare when healthcare is rationed to people because of a disability or because of a medical condition and they get labeled as a “burden” to the healthcare system.

Life has intrinsic value beyond what it can produce. Production capacity is not the measure of anyone’s life value. Nor is it the right of the medical community to decide “quality of life” for a patient. Health care decisions are the right of the patient and the family. Knowledge about their healthcare is the right of the patient and the family.

HB 138 is a parental rights bill. The story of Simon and others are real. Simon’s story happened in Missouri, others have as well.

We are grateful to Rep. Bill Kidd who was persistent in bringing this bill forward for many years and we thank Governor Mike Parson for signing this important pro-life legislation into law!
The Crozier family greets Governor Parson: Mom, Sheryl; daughter, Sabella; son Sean and dad, Scott. Son Samuel was unable to attend.
Life Links
Missouri Right to Life Federal PAC Endorses President Donald J. Trump for Re-Election

Link - This month, as we celebrate the independence and freedom of our great country, we proudly endorse Donald J. Trump for the 2020 Presidential Race. Trump stands on the right side of our freedoms for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For pro-lifers, the right to life is where it all begins!
9th Circuit upholds Title X rules denying funds to health facilities that perform or promote abortion

Link - The notoriously pro-abortion 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected emergency bids to temporarily set aside a June 20 decision rendered by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit that allowed the Trump administration’s family planning rules to go effect.
American Medical Association shows clear bias in abortion lawsuit

Link - a recent move by the American Medical Association shows that the billion-dollar enterprise has integrated itself into all kinds of institutions believed to be less biased about the politics of abortion.
The NEA Is Out of Touch with Teachers on Abortion

Link - The NEA has taken a more explicit abortion stance, now opposing “all attacks on the right to choose.”
ACLU Told CA Teachers To Help Students Obtain Abortions Without Parental Notification, Video Reveals

Link - A June video shows the ACLU instructing California public school teachers on how to help children obtain abortions without parental consent.
Noted abortion researcher admits pro-life laws stop abortions

Link - Pro-life laws are in fact leading numbers of women to forego abortion and give birth to their babies, a catastrophe from the pro-abortion perspective.
Mother of son with Down syndrome sues hospital, would've had abortion

Link - A mother of a 4-year-old son with special needs is suing a British hospital alleging they failed to test for the condition — otherwise she would've had an abortion.
How Could This Happen? Ohio Doctor Accused of Murder in 25 Patient Overdose Deaths

Link - Dr. William Husel, a critical care physician, “was charged with murder Wednesday in the deaths of 25 hospital patients who, authorities say, were killed with deliberate overdoses of painkillers, many of them administered by other medical workers on his orders”.
Palliative care experts are opposed to euthanasia

Link - One of Western Australia’s (WA) most senior palliative care nurses and a New Zealand based palliative medicine specialist have both come out in opposition to the looming euthanasia laws in their respective jurisdictions.
Pro-Life Around the State
July 13 - St. Louis - Students for Life of America is hosting a peaceful and prayerful counter-rally from 11 to 1 p.m. outside of the St. Louis Planned Parenthood, 4251 Forest Park Ave. For more information, please contact Jacinta Florence, the MO and Arkansas State Coordinator for Students for Life of America, via email at jflorence@studentsforlife.org .
July 16 - St. Louis - To address assisted suicide and euthanasia, the powerful pro-life film Fatal Flaws is being shown at St. Louis Priory Kevin Kline Theater at 7 p.m. The free showing, appropriate for teens on up, is co-sponsored by the St. Anselm Parish Cenacle for Life and the Respect Life Apostolate. For more information on the July 16 showing, click here or call 314-878-2120.

July 26 - O'Fallon - Missouri Right to Life Education Fund "Fore Life" Golf Tournament at The Links at Dardenne Golf Course, 7000 Brassel Dr. 11 am, Shotgun Start - 12:30 pm, with dinner following event. To sponsor, donate, or register to play in the golf tournament
go to or click on easternregionmrl.org/golf/

September 12 - Kansas City Metro Area - Annual Fall Banquet. Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center. Guest Speaker, Rev. Walter Hoye II, author of Black and Pro-life in America. Rev. Hoye experienced incarceration and ultimately exoneration for his commitment to protecting unborn children. Don’t miss this wonderful event! For more information and reservations: MRL-WR@att.net or call 816-353-4113.




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