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Pro-abortion Democrats in the U.S. House Vote to Impeach Pro-life President Trump
Yesterday, the pro-abortion Democrats in the U.S. House voted to impeach the most pro-life president in U.S. History. Their charges continued to change as their investigation proceeded until the final charges were a mere shadow of previous allegations, none of which had any basis in fact. (See President Trumps prolife record here:  http://www.nrlc.org/uploads/records/trumprecord.pdf )

It is a sad day for America when one political party can attempt to oust a U.S. President from office based solely on his conservative positions and successes in various arenas. The Democrat leaders in the U.S. House have made a mockery of our Government, which in spite of its faults has always managed a smooth and cooperative transition from one administration to the next.
All law-abiding citizens of this country must call on the U.S. Senate to end this nonsense, stop wasting our tax dollars in a baseless investigation and start doing the work for which the hard-working people of this country sent them to Washington.

March for Life 2020
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Please join us in the Missouri Live Caravan to the 47th Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Thursday-Saturday, January 23-25, 2020. Buses pick up from several spots throughout the St. Louis area.
Seats are still available, but the price will increase from $205 to $220 after Friday - 12/20/19. More information and registration can be found on our new website: http://www.MissouriLifeCaravan.org
Life Links
Guttmacher laments that pro-life policies grow “like a steady drumbeat getting louder each year.”

Link - The Last Decade Was Disastrous For Abortion Rights. Advocates Are Trying To Figure Out What’s Next.
City Uses Zoning Laws to Prohibit New Abortion Clinic From Killing Babies, ACLU Files Suit

Link - A Tennessee city is facing a lawsuit for trying to protect unborn babies from surgical abortions.
Doctors Fight Judge’s Ruling Forcing Them to Kill Babies in Abortions: We’ll Quit Before We Do That

Link - Doctors in New York state have announced they will appeal a ruling from a federal judge who struck down pro-life rules implemented by President Donald Trump protecting medical professionals such as doctors or nurses from being forced to kill babies in abortion or make referrals for abortions.
Planned Parenthood tweets ‘human rights for all’ while denying human rights to babies

Link - The political arm of the United States’ largest abortion chain once again invited criticism of its own stated values with a tweet recognizing the global Human Rights Day, even as it continues to kill preborn humans for profit.
Forcing a Hospice to Euthanize in Canada

Link - Euthanasia is more than just legal in Canada. It has become a government-guaranteed right.
Dutch cardinal: It would be a ‘scandal’ for a priest to be present at an assisted suicide
Link - Days after the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life stated that a Catholic priest could remain at the bedside of a person committing assisted suicide in order to “hold their hand” and “accompany” them, Dutch Cardinal Willem Eijk told Catholic News Agency that this was not permissible because of the “scandal” involved.
National Right to Life News

Link - The December issue of National Right to Life News is available online. Please share widely with pro-life friends and family!




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