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Missouri  Right to Life Press Release

For Immediate Release
May 14, 2013

Missouri House Gives Final Approval to Two Pro-Life Bills:
Ban on Web-Cam Abortions and Protections for Pharmacy Owners
MRL Calls on Governor to Sign HB 400 and SB 126

Missouri Right to Life thanks those in the Missouri legislature who voted for HB 400 and SB 126. The Missouri House gave final approval to HB 400 with a bipartisan veto-proof majority of 115 to 39. The amended bill passed the Senate with a veto-proof majority of 23 to 7.

SB 126 has also passed the House by a bipartisan veto-proof majority of 115 to 39 and passed the Senate with a veto-proof majority of 24 to 9.

"HB 400 bans web-cam abortions in Missouri and ensures that women will meet with a doctor in person at the time she begins the RU 486 abortion. This legislation protects women from those in the abortion industry who seek to profit from RU 486 abortions by providing sub-standard care to women," said Pam Fichter, president of Missouri Right to Life.

"RU 486, the two-drug regimen, can cause severe bleeding and cramping. It can fail to abort the baby and can cause birth defects. Often these women deliver a dead baby, alone and by themselves. The drug can cause toxic shock and death. The FDA requires the notice of the possibility of death on the label of Mifeprex, the first pill taken," stated Fichter.

"When web-cam abortions began in Iowa, the number of abortion clinics increased from 5 to 17," continued Fichter. "We do not want this happening in Missouri. We call upon Governor Nixon to sign this life-saving legislation."

"SB 126 gives protection to pharmacy owners not to be forced to stock any drug or device. This includes abortion drugs," said Pam Fichter, president of Missouri Right to Life.

"This is an important piece of legislation in response to the attacks against religious liberty coming out of Washington," continued Fichter. "We are looking for every way possible to fight that intrusion in our faith."

We thank the sponsors of HB 400, Representative Jeanie Riddle and Senator Wayne Wallingford, and Senator David Sater, sponsor of SB 126, and all those that co-sponsored and voted for these important pieces of legislation.





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