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Activist, Pro-abortion Court Opens Doors of Abortion Clinics in Missouri

The Following Statement is from Steve Rupp, MRL President:

Missouri Right to Life and pro-life Missourians across the State of Missouri are appalled at the recent ruling of the court that removed common sense health and safety laws. In addition, Planned Parenthood has now filed suit against one provision of recently passed Senate Bill 5. These actions open the doors for more abortion clinics and will result in more babies dying from abortions.

Pro-life Missourians resolve to fight judicial activism. When pro-abortion judges make rulings that put women and babies at risk, it is time for new judges. And, the appointment of pro-life, conservative judges is happening with the election of President Donald Trump and Governor Eric Greitens!

The pro-abortion agenda will not succeed in discouraging pro-life Missourians. We know a majority of 60 in the U.S. Senate will begin to destroy the power of Planned Parenthood’s friendly pro-abortion courts and stop the killing of innocent babies!

When the courts rule that abortion clinics don’t have to abide by safety regulations, that abortionists don’t have to have hospital privileges and that it is ok to rush someone into an abortion without giving them time to reflect, then the courts have become part of the abortion machine to push women into an abortion and kill an innocent baby in the womb.

These health and safety laws were initially put in place beginning in 2003 and have been expanded over the years, including protections found in SB 5. These laws have not harmed women, on the contrary, many lives have been saved because of these common sense laws.

We thank Attorney General Josh Hawley for vowing to fight these injustices and his work to protect women’s health and well-being. We also thank Governor Eric Greitens and pro-life Missouri House and Senate members who are fighting to protect women and innocent babies in the womb.

We look forward to October 24 when the common sense health and safety regulations of SB 5 will take effect. And, Missouri Right to Life will continue to fight judicial activism by working, through its political action committees, to elect more pro-life leaders to change the make-up of the liberal pro-abortion courts!

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