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Ann Saladin, MRL Member and Expert on the Anti-life Agenda of the Girl Scouts USA, to be on Bill O’Reilly

saladinAnn Saladin of St. Louis, a wife and mother who has done extensive research into the anti-life agenda of the Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA.) will be interviewed on Bill O’Reilly this evening, February 18th.  The segment will show at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm CST on Fox News.

Ann began researching the anti-life agenda of the Girl Scouts USA after a friend expressed concern to her. Her many months of research led to the well-documented evidence of the connection between Girl Scouts and anti-life groups.

Her research and documentation led Missouri Right to Life to develop a policy on the GSUSA. That policy and documentation are available on the MRL website here.

For additional information on the anti-life activities of the GSUSA you can also go, a website documenting pro-life concerns about the Girl Scout organization, council by council.

After discovering the distressing but undeniable evidence, Ann and her husband removed their 4thgeneration girl scout from the organization.

Please tune in to this important segment and learn what caused this woman to take this courageous step.

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