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Another Ambulance at Planned Parenthood of Greater St. Louis

img via: Coalition for Life

Pray for the mothers who are being victimized by Planned Parenthood!

When you read the following, ask yourself and then call your legislator and ask him or her why the abortion clinic inspection bills HB 1478 & SB 770, promoted by Missouri Right to Life, did not pass in the last legislative session.

On the morning of July 10th, 2014, pro-life volunteers and interns with Coalition for Life documented the arrival of a fire truck and emergency response team at the Planned Parenthood of Greater St. Louis Region on Forest Park Avenue. Not long after, an ambulance was seen entering the clinic parking lot. About 8 minutes after the arrival of the ambulance someone was taken from the facility and placed in the ambulance, although that person could not be seen as the view of the gurney was blocked by a sheet held by clinic workers.

As was previously reported by MRL and documented by Operation Rescue, 23 ambulances have been sighted at this facility in the past four years. Women who go to this facility deserve to be protected against unsanitary and unsafe practices. It is the state’s responsibility to provide that safety. We need the clinic inspection bill.

We encourage pro-life legislators to make MRL’s abortion clinic inspection bill a top priority next year and require more over site of these abortion clinics that kill babies and hurt women.

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