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Attention Shoppers: Support MRL While Buying Online!

Shop at over 1,000 of your favorite online merchants and earn up to 16% for Missouri Right to Life Education Fund!

The biggest shopping season of the year is rapidly approaching and more and more people are shopping online. If you shop at Gap, Bass Pro, eBay, Amazon, J.C. Penneys, Old Navy – send flowers online – book a cruise or airline ticket – or over 1,000 online shopping options, you can donate up to 16% of your purchase to Missouri Right to Life Education Fund at no additional cost to you.

Simply by going to our website and clicking on the eScrip Online Mall logo in the side-bar (or clicking on the eScrip logo above) you can access hundreds of participating merchants who will donate a percentage of each purchase to the MRL Education Fund.

If you are a PC user, you can donate even easier by downloading “AutoEARN” at the Online Mall site and registering. Each time you shop online, even when not going through our website, “AutoEARN” will remind you when you are shopping at a participating merchant’s site with a pop-up box. By clicking in that box whenever it appears, your purchase will generate a donation to MRL Education Fund. (Unfortunately, “AutoEARN” isn’t available for Mac users at this time, but you can still shop at the same merchants through the MRL website access to eScrips Online Mall.)

Even those who live out of state can support our lifesaving work in Missouri by shopping through our website. Forward the message to friends and relatives and ask them to shop for life!

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