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Contact Your Legislators During Their Break This Week!

As the legislature adjourns for spring break, they have advanced both the House and the Senate versions of the Ultrasound legislation to their respective calendars where they can be brought up for debate when the session resumes on March 15. See MRL testimony in support of this legislation which builds on Missouri’s “Women’s Right to Know” law, enacted in 2003, in several ways.

The funding for the Alternatives to Abortion program has been fully restored in committee. However, with the budgetary concerns facing the legislators, you need to urge them to maintain the full funding.

That’s the good news. On the other hand, the Senate is advancing an omnibus Economic Development bill that includes incentives for various businesses, including Life Sciences, that does not include any language protecting those incentives from being used for unethical research. For some background on MRL’s economic development concerns see our memo to legislators early this year regarding Life Sciences and Appropriations.

Please call your Representative and Senator while they are home on break and urge them to:
1) pass the Ultrasound legislation without weakening amendments,
2) maintain full funding for the Alternatives to Abortion program, and
3) include pro-life protections in all Economic Development and Appropriations bills.

(Click here to contact your State Representative.)

(Click here to contact your State Senator.)

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