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Contact Your Legislators!

If you were unable to attend the pro-life action day yesterday please call and e-mail your Missouri Representative, Senator, and Governor Nixon today and give them the following message:

“I’m calling to urge you to support HB 46 & 434 and SB 264, which will save unborn children and protect their mothers. I also urge you to support the Resolutions in opposition to the Freedom of Choice Act. Also, please support these other pro-life bills that will protect innocent human beings: HB 226, HB 570 and SJR 17.”

HB 46 & 434, which would make coerced abortion a crime as well as change laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and the information that is given to pregnant women seeking an abortion, was perfected in the house last week and should be up for a final vote sometime today. There’s still time to call!

Contact information for Gov. Nixon and the Missouri Legislature:

Governor Nixon 573-751-3222
House of Representatives

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