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Give the Gift of Life

Dear Friend for Life,

“For unto us a child is born.”

Never more than at Christmas do we celebrate God’s great gift of life! It’s not too late to add a special gift of life for your dearest loved ones by remembering them with an honorary contribution to the Missouri Right to Life Educational Fund.

This perfect gift can do so much! It proclaims your love for life and for those dearest to you. Every dollar enables the MRL Ed Fund to reach tens of thousands of Missourians yearly with vital information regarding fetal development in the womb, the medical dangers of abortion, physical effects of nutrition withdrawal in the sick, bioethical problems of human cloning and embryonic stem cell research and much more.

For contributions at the $15 level and higher, your honorees can receive a special card, informing them that a charitable donation has been made in their honor.

Every gift to the MRL Ed Fund is tax-deductible because it is used for educational purposes only.

Click here now to add this wonderful sentiment for every pro-life person on your gift list this year! Or, make your gift by phone at 888-675-4748. A peaceful, blessed Christmas to you and your family,

Pam Fichter
President, Missouri Right to Life

P.S. The Missouri Right to Life Educational Fund is dedicated to sharing the truth about life with citizens in every corner of our state, throughout the year. Your gift is needed and deeply appreciated.

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