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Honor Your Mother This Mother’s Day

Our movement does many things. We teach. We persuade. We save lives.

We also have the privilege to honor Life. And especially, to honor those who give Life.

On Mothers’ Day, our thoughts turn to those who not only gave us life, but who gave us love. A day in honor of mothers doesn’t even begin to repay the sacrifice, the devotion, the love our mothers gave us. But it does give us a day to think, to say thanks.

So this Mother’s Day, remember your mother, living or deceased, by helping to save the lives of other children with a donation in her honor to Missouri Right to Life Education Fund. Mother’s Day tributes to living mothers will be acknowledged with a card and her name will appear on a tribute in our newsletter. Mother’s Day memorial gifts will also be recognized in the newsletter.

To make a life-saving donation in honor of your mother, click here.

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