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Key Points and Action Items About the Proposed Health Care Reform Legislation

Key points about the proposed health care reform legislation:

1. Both the U. S. House and Senate are expected to vote on health care reform in September.

2. Proposed legislation in both houses would greatly expand abortion in America and raise acute concerns about future rationing of lifesaving care.

3. Both the House Bill, HR 3200, and the Senate bill (as yet unnumbered), known as the Kennedy bill, will require federal officials to define a package of “essential benefits” and mandate broad categories of services including “preventive care.”

4. These broad categories have been interpreted to include elective abortion as with the federal Medicaid program.

5. The Hyde Amendment, which was passed to prevent Medicaid money from being used for abortion, will not cover the new avenues of funding that are proposed in these bills.

6. Both the Senate and House committees defeated all attempts to add pro-life amendments to the legislation, including language that would have prevented federal funds from being used to subsidize abortion or plans that include abortion.

7. Beware of “phony compromises,” such as the Capps Amendment that was approved by the House committee, which would allow the HHS Secretary (pro-abortion Kathleen Sebelius) to call for inclusion of abortion in the public plan.

8. Unless there is sustainable adequate funding, the proposed programs would lead to rationing.

9. The government must not be authorized to deny medical treatment based on patient’s age, disability, or quality of life.

10. Medicaid consultations must not be used to pressure patients into rejecting life-saving treatment.

Action Items:

1. Visit district offices of Sen. McCaskill and your congressman, especially those in Cong. Skelton’s district. Be polite and respectful at all times. Your message would be similar to:

Abortion must not be covered as an “essential service” under any health care reform legislation. Rather, abortion must be explicitly excluded from all government health care mandates, and federal funding for plans that cover elective abortion must be expressly prohibited. Also, health care restructuring must protect Americans from rationing or denial of treatment based on age, disability, or “quality of life.” Please vote against any plan that includes abortion coverage or elements that lead to health care rationing.

2. Call Senator McCaskill and your Congressman, especially Cong. Skelton, with the same message as above.

Link to your Congressman and Senators both in Washington D.C. and Missouri

3. Write a hand-addressed letter to the District Offices of Senator McCaskill and Cong. Skelton. Send hand-addressed letters with the same message as above.

4. E-Mail Senator McCaskill and Congressman Skelton using the above message and request a response so you know they got the message.

5. Offer the church bulletins, action alerts, petitions, or other materials to pro-life churches in your area.

6. Distribute flyers at any event that is likely to be attended by primarily pro-life people including fair booths and tea parties. You can download a flyer at

7. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

8. Call in to local radio talk shows.

9. Circulate petitions in opposition to the proposed health care legislation. and return to the state office. Link to petition here.

10. “Work like it’s all up to you. Pray like it’s all up to God.” (unknown author)

To download a packet of information from NRLC, click here

For updates on the legislative situation, check in frequently at

For additional documentation and background information on this issue, go to the NRLC Abortion in “Heath Care Reform” web page.

For information on tea parties go to

Additional information and flyers:

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