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Legislative Update and Pro-Life Action Alert!

Thanks to your calls and prayers, House Bill 1266, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act was passed out of the Senate Seniors, Families and Children Committee last week.
But there’s still more work to do on this and other pro-life bills!

  1. Call your Senator:
  2. Call the President of the Senate, Ron Richard (573-751-2173)
  3. Call Majority Floor Leader, Mike Kehoe (573-751-2076)


  1. Ask these Senators to pass Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – Ban Abortion at 5 Months of Pregnancy – 16 other states have already done this! (HB 1266)
  2. Ask these Senators to pass PRC Tax Credits (HB 1288)
  3. Ask these Senators to pass Two Custodial Parent Notification Prior to a Minor Child Getting an Abortion (HB 1383)


Call them each week for the next 4 weeks. They are your pro-life Senators that you sent to Jefferson City. Ask them if they have passed these bills yet.
Click here for the full update and information on all the bills we are supporting or opposing.
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