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Lawsuit filed by Right to Life Groups Seeking Judgement that MOSIRA is Void

Missouri Right to Life
Press Release

For Immediate Release:
December 1, 2011

For Information:

Missouri Roundtable For Life, Missouri Right To Life, and Missouri Citizens File Petition With Court; Seek Declaration That MOSIRA Bill is Void

Missouri Roundtable for Life and Missouri Right to Life have joined with Missouri citizens today to file a petition with the Cole County Circuit Court seeking a declaration that the MOSIRA bill is void and a legal nullity.

The MOSIRA bill, Senate Bill 7 (SB7), contains a clause that ties its implementation to the passage of Senate Bill 8 (SB8), also known as the “Aerotropolis” bill, by the General Assembly during the most recent Special Session.  Since SB8 failed to pass during the Special Session, the MOSIRA bill cannot go into effect and is therefore void.  Despite the clear language of the bill, Governor Jay Nixon has issued a press release stating he will “initiate steps toward the implementation” of MOSIRA.

“We are asking the Court to uphold the plain language of the MOSIRA bill in the face of the Governor’s refusal to do so,” said Fred N. Sauer, plaintiff and President of Missouri Roundtable for Life.

MOSIRA, The Missouri Science Innovation and Reinvestment Act, was designed to set up a fund, channeled through the state budget, to be administered by the pro-cloning Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC), to provide state money and/or tax incentives for new technology businesses, including those engaged in human life science research.  The Missouri legislature refused to attached protective language to MOSIRA that would have prevented Missouri taxpayer dollars from going to abortion, human cloning, and embryo experimentation. Thus taxpayer dollars distributed via MOSIRA could be used to fund such practices. MOSIRA also places the Life Science Research Trust Fund, established in 2003 as the vehicle to receive and administer the funds received from the Tobacco Settlement Money, under the control of the MTC.

“If the Governor takes steps to implement MOSIRA in violation of the clear language of the bill, he will open the door to the possibility of Missouri taxpayer funding of abortion, human cloning, and experiments that destroy human embryos,” said Pam Fichter, plaintiff and President of Missouri Right to Life.  “No Missouri citizen should be forced to pay for practices that he or she finds morally offensive.”

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