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MRL Questions Depth of Attorney General’s Investigation and Pledges to Continue Our Life-Saving Work

Missouri Right to Life
Press Release

The following statement is from Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life:

Attorney General Chris Koster has released a report saying that Planned Parenthood in St. Louis does not appear to have broken the law in the month of June, 2015, as it relates to the organs and tissues of aborted human beings.

Examining one month’s worth of records and interviewing some employees of Planned Parenthood and the lab is not much of an investigation.

It is also disappointing that the Attorney General adopts the language of those who kill unborn human beings in the first place by using the cold, clinical terms “fetal organs and tissue” and “fetal tissue.” In the first chapter of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, section 1.205 in particular, Missouri law recognizes what biological science teaches: these unborn infants are human beings from the time they were conceived. The chief law enforcement official of the State of Missouri ought to recognize it, too.

While it is the Supreme Court of the United States that has made it legal to mangle unborn children in the womb, thus producing the torn hearts, lungs, limbs, and organs that the Attorney General so callously refers to as “fetal tissue,” “specimens” and “waste,” the Attorney General could at least have the decency to refer to them as the remains of human beings.

The pro-life movement will continue to work for a time when these tiniest of human beings will be provided their futures and hope rather than having their lives cut off, their bodies cut apart, and their remains referred to as trash.

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