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Pro-aborts Resurrecting Phony Pro-Life Amendments to Healthcare

Doug Johnson, Legislative Director of the National Right to Life Committee, issued this alert this week (h/t Jill Stanek):

Third Way attempts to resurrect Ellsworth Amendment

In an essay posted today on (a nexus for pro-abortion activist groups), Rachel Laser – a career pro-abortion activist who now works for the influential “messaging” group Third Way – attempts to resurrect the Ellsworth Amendment.

Even though there is hardly paragraph in Laser’s piece that does not contain some substantial distortion, Laser’s initiative is not to be taken lightly, partly because she and her group have close connections with White House staff.

Here is NRLC’s take on the Ellsworth Amendment. And here is a detailed critique by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), who impersonates a pro-life congressman, has also resurfaced predicting “compromise”. Most likely, he has a fresh script from Planned Parenthood in his pocket. For more details, see the special NRLC webpage devoted to “Tim Ryan, Impersonator.”

This is worth keeping an eye on as pro-abortion forces are pulling out all the stops to try to strip the real pro-life Stupak Amendment that is currently in the House HC reform bill. Your calls to Sen. Claire McCaskill encouraging her to keep the Stupak language in the bill when it is considered by the Senate are greatly needed. After initially stating that she could “live with” the language, she has changed her mind and come out full force in opposition to it and says it must be removed. She is also still under the mistaken assumption that the Hyde Amendment will apply to health care reform – it will not.

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