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Restraining Request Order Rejected

A Cole County Circuit Judge rejected a request for a temporary restraining order on state funding for life science research:

St. Louis lawyer Ed Martin – Gov. Matt Blunt’s former chief of staff – filed the 17-page lawsuit Monday on behalf of the “Missouri Roundtable for Life Inc.” and individual taxpayer Fred N. Sauer.

The suit asks the court to prevent state officials from delivering $21 million, as designated in the state budget that went into effect Tuesday, to the Life Sciences Research Board, until the court determines how that expenditure is restricted by state laws and the Constitution.

“Our concern today,” Martin told reporters, “is (whether) public funds and taxpayer dollars getting appropriated in a way that will cause harm.”

Martin reminded Beetem that the 2003 law creating the Life Sciences Research Board includes language prohibiting spending money for abortion services, human cloning and some forms of human research using organs from children.

But, he said, voters’ 2006 approval of Constitutional Amendment 2 may have changed the 2003 law’s restrictions.

Among its main provisions, Amendment 2 requires the state to allow all forms of stem cell research that are accepted as legal by the federal government.

“We’re simply asking for the court to say what the law is,” Martin said after Wednesday’s hearing. “If Amendment 2 trumps everything, we need to know that.

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