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Senate Committee Votes to Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Missouri Right to Life Press Release

For Immediate Release:
September 8, 2011
For Information:

Senate Committee Votes to Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The following statement can be attributed to Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right to Life:

Last night, the Missouri Senate Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee voted “do pass” Senate Bills 7 and 8, which contain the economic development package titled Missouri Science Innovation & Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA). MOSIRA sets up a fund, channeled through the state budget, to be administered by the pro-cloning Missouri Technology Corporation, to provide state money and/or tax incentives for new technology businesses, including businesses engaged in human life sciences research.

The bills passed by the Senate committee do not include provisions preventing the funding of unethical research but only require reporting of such research. Missouri Right to Life testified in opposition to the bills as written and presented in the hearing. While MRL has no position on economic development legislation in general and supports ethical research, we are opposed to MOSIRA or any economic development legislation that does not include a strict ban on the funding of cloning and embryonic stem cell research.

The problems with the reporting requirement alone are that it relies on the inaccurate definition of cloning of Amendment II, the businesses involved would be self-reporting with no oversight, and only after innocent human lives have been destroyed.

MRL has proposed language preventing the use of tax dollars for unethical research. The Republican-controlled committee, like the Obama administration in Washington, has opted to fund open-ended research unrestricted by the moral and ethical beliefs of pro-life Missourians.

Voting against SB 7, the MOSIRA bill, was one Republican, Sen. Brian Nieves (26). Voting for the pro-cloning and embryonic stem cell research bill were Senators Eric Schmidt (R-15), Ron Richards (R-32), Bob Dixon (R-30), Victor Callahan (D-11), Jack Goodman (R-29), John Lamping (R-24), Ryan McKenna (D-22) and Luann Ridgeway (R-17). Sen. Ridgeway joined Sen. Nieves in voting against SB 8. All other members of the committee voted for SB 8.

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