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Senator Bob Onder files the Women’s Health and Clinic Safety Act

Last week Senator Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, filed the Women’s Health and Clinic Safety Act.

The proposed bill states that no person shall knowingly donate or make an anatomical gift of fetal organs or tissue resulting from an abortion. The bill requires that all fetal organs and tissue removed at the time of abortion be sent to the pathologist for examination while also outlining what the pathologist must include in his or her report regarding the same, and clarifies procedures for how the Department of Health handles these reports.

Protections for whistleblowers who report violations of law regarding the handling of fetal organs and yearly on-site inspections of abortion clinics are also required under the act.

Sen. Onder’s legislation has the support of Missouri Right to Life and other prolife organizations.

“Missouri Right to Life is honored to be working with Senator Bob Onder and all our pro-life Senators as we begin the 2017 legislative session. We look forward to the passage of the ‘Women’s Health and Clinic Safety Act’. This legislation will provide protection for women by ensuring an annual inspection and require accountability from abortion clinics for all abortions. We look forward to the passage of the bill,” said Susan Klein, Legislative Liaison for Missouri Right to Life.

Senator Wayne Wallingford and Senator David Sater have also filed pro-life bills strongly supported by Missouri Right to Life. We will be working with Senator Wallingford and Senator Sater to move these bills to final passage:

SB 41 – Relating to Alternatives to Abortion
Senator Wayne Wallingford
SB 67 – Relating to Abortion Clinic Inspections
Senator Bob Onder
SB 96 – Relating to a Ban on Sex Selection Abortions
Senator David Sater

Watch for more information in our weekly lifeline on the 2017 Legislative Session. The session begins on Wednesday, January 4. Please pray for all our legislators and state officials as they transition into their public service positions.

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