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Sick: Remote Control Abortions

Wow. Leave it to Planned Parenthood to find a way to make killing unborn children an even more dehumanizing procedure:


If you have trouble viewing the video, The Des Moines Register has a written explanation of how the process works:

Patients are given printed information about the abortion pills, and they watch an eight-minute video about the process. The video talks about the effects of the drug, and possible side effects. The video says most women experience cramping and bleeding, similar to what they would experience during a heavy period.

The video says patients should feel normal within a day after taking the second medication at home. If not, they are instructed to call Planned Parenthood’s 24-hour phone line to report complications.

Patients return to the clinic about two weeks later. They are checked to be sure they ended their pregnancies, which the video says happens for 98 percent of women who take the medications.

The video shows a re-enactment of a follow-up visit.

“Well, you’re no longer pregnant,” an actor in a white coat tells a woman portraying a patient.

“That’s great,” the woman says. “I really would like a baby sometime. But right now, we just can’t afford it. I’m really glad we had this choice.”

After watching the video, each patient is asked whether she wants to obtain the abortion drugs via the electronic conferencing system. If she says yes, she is seated in front of a computer monitor with a camera, which allows her to visit with a doctor. Such meetings usually last several minutes, Ross said.

The doctor goes over the woman’s medical history, talks about how the drugs work, then asks whether the patient has any questions. When the doctor is satisfied, he or she enters a computer command that signals a drawer to open in front of the patient. The drawer contains two pill bottles. The patient is instructed to open one of them, remove the Mifeprex pill, then take it while the doctor watches.

The patient then is instructed to go home, where she will open the second bottle and withdraw four pills of misoprostol. She is to put the pills between her cheek and gum, where they will dissolve.

The reason for this new approach to killing unborn children?

Small Planned Parenthood clinics around Iowa are using a remote-control pill-dispensing system to make abortions available in areas where few doctors offer them…

Ross (a Planned Parenthood physician who uses the system) said he and other abortion rights supporters hoped more physicians would offer the abortion medications once federal regulators approved them in 2000. But few physicians want to wade into the controversial practice, Ross said, which is why Planned Parenthood is using the videoconferencing system to expand the reach of its Des Moines doctors.

In other words, they’re trying to make up for the shortage of people willing to kill unborn children for a living.

Operation Rescue has filed a complaint, contending that this approach violate state law requiring all abortions to be committed by a licensed physician, but Ross claims this fulfills his legal obligation to oversee the abortion process. Jill Stanek reports that the IA Board of Medicine has opened an investigation against PP to determine whether there really is any violation. Perhaps while they’re investigating that, the IA Board of Medicine can also enlighten us as to how an abortion procedure can be considered “medical.” Last I checked, medicine involves treating disease and other conditions harmful to the human body. Pregnancy is certainly neither one of these.

Since Missouri only has a few clinics that commit abortions, we will definitely be keeping on this as this practice has reportedly been drawing interest from abortion providers throughout the country.

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For some first-hand insight into how this kind of abortion really works, check out Jill Stanek’s coverage of the woman who “livetweeted” her abortion earlier this year. It’s not a pretty picture.

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