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So Many Sacrifices

So many people have sacrificed so much in the establishment and defense of this country and the freedoms on which it was founded; those who signed the Declaration of Independence and put their very lives at risk, those who fought for the right of self-government and to defend the civil rights of all Americans, those who went off to foreign lands to stop atrocities and defend freedom around the world.  This Memorial Day weekend let us spend some time remembering those sacrifices, being thankful, and praying for those who have sacrificed so much.

Our country stands at a crossroads in deciding the type of government we will have.  Will we have a republic that values the free-market system and respects the right of each person to practice their faith as they are called to do?  Or, will we become a socialist state where the government controls our industry, our faith lives and our freedom of speech?

Let us pray that America will continue to be a beacon for freedom in the world.  That Americans will make the right decisions in the coming months as they contemplate what kind of people and philosophies will determine the future of this country.

-Patty Skain, Executive Director, Missouri Right to Life

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