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Work and Pray as Never Before!

Dear Friends of Life,

At this critical time, the Missouri legislature is in the process of deciding the structure, process, and nature of the life sciences research industry in Missouri. As you know from past legislative alerts from Missouri Right to Life, this is being done in this final phase through the Missouri Science Innovation and Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA.)

The MOSIRA legislation (SB 7), which passed the Missouri Senate by a vote of 30 to 4, had no pro-life protective language restricting public funding for abortion, human cloning, or embryonic stem cell research. This bill will likely be brought to the Missouri House for a vote this Friday.

It is absolutely critical that you call your representative and express your opposition to this bill unless it contains the prolife protective language supported by Missouri Right to Life. (Various other language proposals have circulated behind the scenes, but all have had major loopholes to the protections we seek. And, procedural moves to cover a good amendment with one of these bad amendments is another way to kill the true pro-life amendment.) Pass this information to your pro-life friends and family and ask them to call as well.

To identify your legislator and obtain contact information click here.

After you have made your call and asked as many people as you can to do the same, please pray for our legislators that they will vote to protect the smallest and most vulnerable among us

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